Your guests

It is a couple of young thirty years that opens the portal of the Maison Bizienne. Florian (concert pianist) and Elodie (Web editor passionate about history) are both native of Paris. Tired of their agitated way of life, they chose to leave the heights of Montmartre butte to taste the pleasures of the Atlantic coast.
"We arrived in Guérande by chance. We were looking our « house of happiness » for a year, without a precise idea. We wanted to leave Paris above all. After a year-long road trip through France, we arrived in Guérande At the Maison Bizienne. It was love at first sight for the city, for the region and for the house. Its hundred-year-old magnolia in bloom finally convinced us. Our decision was made the same day. Time to pack our bags and here we are « guerandais ». Today, we feel like we've lived here since forever.
These newcomers have a good communicative mood and their enthusiasm for their land of adoption is matched only by their pleasure to share their good plans.
"Arriving in January 2017, we visited absolutely everything to do, see and taste in the region.We have travelled the Presqu'Île to Vannes, Nantes and Chateaubriand in search of good addresses to recommend to our hosts. We selected the best restaurants, selected the best producers and service providers and found the thousand curiosities to discover. We are thus more in a position to advise our guests according to their desires, their sensitivity and the length of their stay."
The gamble seems successful, given the glowing commentaries left by their hosts.
Elodie et Florian Musette Figaro poules

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